My Trip: Part 1, My Mom

My first stop was in Pensacola. I called my mother before we left and the first thing she said was not to be surprised when I saw her. I knew right away something was wrong. She said that she was in the Kmart parking lot and someone had not put their cart in the cart corral. The wind was blowing hard and the cart started coming toward her car so she took it to the cart corral herself. As she was walking out of the corral she tripped over the raised metal strip and fell, hitting the right side of her head on the asphalt. She's 79 and could not get up. Two men walked by and some teen girls all the time she called out for someone to please help her. Finally, a car drove by and a my mom said a small woman in her early 30's jumped out and helped her up, offering to get more help or drive her home. My mom felt bad, but able to drive so she called her doctor and went to see him. They took xrays but nothing was broken. When we arrived at her house, she had a laceration on her forehead, two black eyes, her arm in a sling and a bruised leg and foot. My brother and I later found out through her confessions that this is the third time she has fallen in a year. She had a bad car accident a couple of years ago in which she suffered from a bad head injury to the left side of her head and she was in the hospital for over three months. Ever since then her balance has not been too good.

While we were in Pensacola we took my mother to see "The Passion of Christ." She had been wanting to see the movie and we went on a Monday afternoon which proved to be a good time because half the people in the theater required some sort of assistance in getting around. Everyone was very understanding. I'm glad that I saw the movie, but at the same time the violence (in particular, the long scene where Christ was beaten) disturbed me. I have a very hard time with violence, I can't even watch CSI.

The two things on my mother's mind while we visited were all the live and dead lady bugs she was finding in her house, and worrying that they were going to make it up the street with the sewar lines. She is on a septic system and her neighborhood was built in the late 50's through early 70's. She will have to pay to run the line out to the street. Anyway, the line has stopped several houses down the street, and she doesn't have to worry about it yet, but I can see that it probably will not be long before it continues up the road.

A few days before she had her fall, she had made some spaghetti sauce, meatballs and Italian sausage and froze it. We made the spaghetti while we were there and oh, it was sooo good! She makes the best meatballs, mine never come out quite as good, even though I've watched her many times.