Turn me back to mellow yellow

I had planned on going out tonight. One of my co-workers is married to a musician and his band is playing at Harpo's in Brandon. A lot of my friends are going there tonight, but not me. I'm havin' a crisis.

It happened. I've been off my medication for a week now and today I hit rock bottom. I didn't plan on going off, but I skipped one night and I was happy about how I wasn't feeling so sleepy. So I decided that since had to study (which I didn't do at night anyway) I'd stop taking the meds so I could stay up. That worked. It worked so well that I don't think I got more than 14 hours of sleep in four days. I was back to my usual angst-filled, mind-racing, insomnia state of mind. Complicate that with my back threatening to go out on me, and you have one miserable person. The other night I couldn't remember where I had put the heating pad and I was looking all over the house for it. By the time I had taken Advil, used the pain stick medication, gotten myself adjusted with the heating pad, pillows, covers, etc., I had four hours left before I was suppose to get up and go to work. I hate when that happens!

I don't want to start sounding like my mother, so I'm going to quit talking about my health. Tonight I will start back on my meds, but in the meantime, maybe I can write a few poems (sarcasm).

In an earlier post this week I mentioned that my daughter's 11th grade English class was involved in cultural projects. One group was doing a project on Japan. My daughter offered one of her kimono's to her friend and she demonstrated how to put on the undergarments (juban), kimono and obi. We have a container that is full of my mother-in-law's kimonos. The 14th of this month was the anniversary of the tragic death of my in-laws. It was also my mother-in-law's birthday. As my daughter tried on the kimonos, I was reminded of my mother-in-law's grace and beauty. My mother-in-law used to teach traditional Japanese dance.

I went back to work today and took my test. They didn't give us the test results before we went home today, so I don't know if I need to keep studying or if I should study for my next test. Honestly, I don't care how I did. I'm really over this job.

Today, at work, we were discussing cows. One of the women I work with has a farm and she was explaining how they breed the cows with the bull. The sweet, soft spoken woman that sits next to me said, "I can't imagine having a 2,000 lb. bull on my back."