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This year marked the beginning of one of those rites of passage for my daughter. She is learning to drive. It is not easy driving in this area. The roads take on extra traffic from the tourists plus snowbirds flood the area during the winter months. Florida is also ranked number 10 in the nation with the highest death rates from aggressive driving.

Last year I was involved in three traffic accidents where my vehicle was rear-ended. The first time I was stopped, in my van, at a red light attempting to make a right turn, but was I was yielding to the oncoming traffic. A car came up from behind and struck my vehicle, hitting the tow hitch. The tow hitch, being sturdy, did not absorb the impact and the next day my daughter and I were feeling sore.

The second accident happened about a few weeks later, when I was stopped in heavy rush hour traffic in a torrential downpour. A car slammed into the truck behind me, pushing the truck into the rear of my van. I hadn't even had the van repaired yet. This time the van absorbed the hit but the damage looked really bad.

At this point my husband and I decided to trade the van in for a car because my daughter was learning to drive. We decided to get a car that would be easy for her to learn with, handle and one that she could take with her when she leaves home. So we purchased a Toyota Corolla. In the meantime my daughter got her learners permit.

About two months after I had my new car, I was stopped in traffic again. I saw a van coming up from behind and I just knew my car would be hit. I tapped my brakes; I looked to see if I could get out of the way...but no options. Luckily, I wasn't hit hard. I waited for the driver to get out but he never did. He just sat in his van. I was getting angry and I walked up to the van and that's when I saw that the driver was handicapped. He had just bought this new van, and he was having problems with the controls. So there were were in our new vehicles, waiting for the police to show up.

What really surprised me when I went to the DMV with my daughter was the method of obtaining a drivers license here in this town. Your driving test is a drive through the parking lot!!! That's it, that's the test! Only one type of parking too, no parallel parking, because in Florida, you don't need to parallel park (that's the reasoning behind that). Just when you think things can't get any crazier, there is always something else to astonish you. No wonder my car was rear ended three times.

Check out this driving clip called "Little Diversion" from Do I Contradict Myself.